The hotel welcomes you Portalou
every day until 14h and from 17h.

> Restaurant

A traditional restaurant

Veranda, air-conditioned room

Menus and formulate

Salle de restaurant le PortalouThe 12 Euros formula Entrée and the today’special or the today’special and cheeses or dessert.

The 15 Euros Today’s menu In this menu, our chief proposes you home made recipes and local specialties. Entrée, main dish, cheeses or dessert … the perfect formula for a quick and tasty lunch…

We also propose a special Highway A75 Menu at 16,50 €.

Finally, your children can eat a kid’s menu at 8.80 Euros.

The Logis de France menu at 20.40 Euros – For example Rustic salad or terrine or lozerienne of chef followed by a trout with almonds a cooked sausage with aligot or an everyday different home recipe. Cheeses and desserts to finish…

You can also opt for an “à la carte” meal.

Local specialties “à la carte”


© Eric Teissèdre

Local charcuteries (dry sausage, pâtés, terrines, saucisson, fricandeau), beef from Aubrac highlands, aligot, duck breasts with honey, cep flavored omelette, tripoux… and of course cheeses from Lozere… You should enjoy your stay…

We also propose you a selection of the best wines from Languedoc and Roussillon (Faugères, Fitou, Picpoul de Pinet…).

Local and gourmets products to go

tripouxYou want to bring back home some local tasty products ? We propose you home made specialties to bring back so that your friends & family can enjoy them with you:

  • Tripoux d’Auvergne 600g et 800g,
  • Home made jams in 400g pots (rhubarb, cherry, apricot, red currant, raspberry, elderberry or our special crémaillotte…).

All around The Portalou

Restaurant le Portalou - © Eric Teissèdre Restaurant le Portalou - © Eric Teissèdre Coucher de soleil - © Eric Teissèdre Transhumance  Vaches d'Aubrac - © Eric Teissère Maison caussenarde - © Eric Teissèdre Jardin de l'hôtel- © Eric Teissèdre Les Gorges du Tarn - © Eric Teissèdre Causse - © Eric Teissèdre L'Aubrac sous la neige - © Eric Teissèdre

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