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> La Canourgue

La Canourgue and its surroundings

La Canourgue, it is small lozérienne Venice a hâvre of greenery and of tranquilité in the valley of the Lot between plateau of Sauveterre, Tarn Gorge and plateau of Aubrac.
You can benefit of your stay La Canourgue to discover the diversity of the landscapes and the lozériens ecosystems. Ideal stage on saint Guilhem-le-Désert’s path.

In the discovery of La Canourgue

la-canourgueLa Canourgue is located in the southern part of Lozere at 600 meters up ( 1800 feet up). It counts 2500 inhabitants.

It is a typical village of Lozere and Massif Central. You will enjoy walking along the channels, through the streets of the Old City, the Pré Commun or the lovely Place au blé…

The main feasts are the bachelor feast (April), the brocante feast (2nd sunday of August) where you can buy or sell ancient furniture and items, the village feast at the end of August.

Gorges du Tarn


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Sainte-Enimie, La Malène, Les Vignes, le Cirque des Beaumes, le Pas de Soucy, Le Point Sublime, les Détroits… as many magic sceneries to discover during hiking or biking tours. It is also possible to discover Gorges du Tarn in boat or canoë-kayak…

The Lot valley

Pont-de-La-MotheThe Lot river source is located in Lozere close to the Mount Lozère . It then goes to Bagnols les Bains, Mende, Chanac and La Canourgue…

The high valley of the Lot river is rich in astonishing landscapes : red-stones villages, chestnut trees forests, green meadows… You will also find some nice fishing spots…

The Causse de Sauveterre


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A few kilometers far from La Canourgue, you reach the Sauveterre Causse with utterly different landscapes. Here water is scarce and the soil is chalky. The farms are built in calcerous stones with a typical architecture.

On the Causse, you will find plenty of trails where to go for a walk, for a bicycle ride or a ride on on horseback. Here, you may cross sherpherds and their sheep flocks. Their milk is used to prepare the famous Roquefort and Feta.

The Aubrac highlands


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At more than 1000 meters up (3 000 feet up) and at 25 km far from La Canourgue, you will discover the mysterious Aubrac highlands…

It is the country of granite stones, of the typical buron homes, of Aubrac cows, and of the tasty aligot !

Margeride, Causse Méjean and Cévennes…


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Lozere is known for the beauty of its landscapes… From La Canourgue, you can plan to discover the open spaces of Margeride, of the Cevennes (also known for their history and for the national Park) and of the Causse Mejean.

All around The Portalou

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